Sunday, 10 February 2013

DIY Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" Notebook

Hey Folks,

So I made this a little while ago for a Disney fan, it was inspired by the story book at the beginning of Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"- here is the original:

This currently on display at "Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives" Exhibition at The Ronald Reagan Library, California.

And here's my version:
DIY Disney Notebook

Of course, my version is no where near as fancy as the original jewel encrusted masterpiece above! ^_^

Here's how I made my simpler version though:

You Will Need:
  • A New Hard Back Notebook 
  • Old Paintbrush 
  • PVA Glue 
  • Gold Paint (Metallic) 
  • Flat Back Little Gems 
  • Shoelaces, Thick String. 
  • Newspaper 
  • Deco Or Scotch Tape
  • Mod Podge (Optional) 

Step 1
Get your materials together and prepare your crafting area. You'll need to put down some newspaper as you'll be painting.

Step 2
Cover the inside cover and the page edges with newspaper and deco tape (or scotch tape)- to protect from the paint.

Step 3
Cut out strips of laces/thick string and stick them down on the notebook using the silicone glue- to form the letters "Sleeping Beauty". This will give a cool 3D embossed look to the letters. I cut the tips of the laces into points to make the lettering look better.

Step 4
Cover the letters with a layer of PVA glue using an old paintbrush- make sure you get in the cracks to help it stick to the book! Wait for the glue to dry- about 30 mins or until it turns completely clear.

(Tip: Not essential, but I added a layer of mod podge after this stage for good measure)

Step 5
Cover the whole cover of the book (back and front) in gold paint.You should add about 3 layers of paint to make it nice and shiny! If you want it to look a bit more of a bronze gold- mix a drop of brown paint to the gold.

Step 5
Then add your gems! Even though mine were sticky back, I used a dab of silicone glue to stick each one down. You can find the basic round gems in any good craft shop, but ebay has a great selection of rhinestones in different sizes and shapes also.

And you're done!

If you wanted to go all out (and you're a dab hand at painting or stenciling which unfortunately I am not), you could even try to recreate the inside first pages of the book as featured in the film:

Hope you liked the tutorial! It took a good couple hours, but I'm more or less pleased with it!

-Hayley S xxx

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